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All Paths Lead To God
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I am here to share things I have learned along my spiritual journey.
I suspect that what you do not give to others,with love,can never be truely yours.
David Dickinson


After I decided to do this blog,I went to my old files and pulled out files over thirty years old. As I was reading these some seemed ridiculess at this point in my journey.
Never be afraid to let go of the old as you get new information.If you can not learn to let go of the old and see things for the first time every time,then you will become what is called "crystalized" in the Forthway system.
This is why the young learn faster than older people,because they are actually seeing it for the fist time.After they learn it,even if it is wrong, or there is more up to date infomation ,it is very difficult for them to change.
But some ' truths' have alonger life span than others.
David Dickinson

This next peice is something that happened to me thirty years ago. I was in a very high and imotionally disturbed state. It was a dark but clear warm night,and I was laying on my back on the roof of my house, looking at the stars and wondering about the purpose and/or the reality of it all.
Then this came to me, not in words , but in a complete wordlles total understanding that was so profound and beautiful to me , that I rushed down the ladder ,quickly grabed a pen and paper and put to words to the best of my ability,and I realized at the time that I had to do it fast to keep from loseing anything in the translation.
Here it is as written thirty years ago.

What or who's God ? Wher's God ? It's everywhere ,it's the good side of man , it's mother nature and all her wonder in and on this beautiful earth, in our universe , in our galaxy,in allgalaxys and beyond man's present mental limits.
God is short for all that is good and right. To understand God man must understand the good man inside himself . The good side of man is God , for the good side of man is for the good and future of mankind.
All that is good is God , the air I breath is God , the food I eat is God , the earth from which it comes is God . The universe the earth shares is God , etc, because they are all good for man.
God is the positive factor in man's effort to become God. God is mighty , as you can see most everything is for the betterment of mankind , everything except the other part of man . Man is the only thing that stands in man's way of becoming a total God.
David Dickinson

On our inability to see things in a new way each time is a product of additude.This is where the work is.
David Dickinson


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