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All Paths Lead To God
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Love Is The Door

     Essence is an eternal object. Being is life, it is a process.  Work on oneself means work on  being. Work on being and work knowledge increase understanding.  Understanding belongs to essence.

     Your being attracts your life.  Results of efforts are always  proportional  to  understanding.

Imagination  is not  an  escape  from  reality , reality is an escape  from  imagination.




   What one  is  identified with  is  at  that  moment  ones  God .



   If  your  beliefs  are  not  large  enough  to  encompass  their  own  opposites , then  they  are  incomplete.



   The  fact that  we  know  almost  nothing  about  nearly  everything  is  a  lesson  we  usually  need to  relearn  everyday.



When the past is dictating the future, where is the present?



Nearly everything we think we know is based on what we think we know.


When a man appears to have all the answers, he may have all the answers up to his level of understanding, but notice, the higher his level the less answers because there are fewer questions.

                                                                       David Dickinson




                                       The  Void




The intellectual void --- You need to learn , Anything.


The physical void ------ You need to do something, Anything.


The emotional void ---- You need to hold someone , Anyone


The spiritual  void  ----  You need to talk to God, Any God.




These are shadows of the real void that you are missing. When you become one with God, ther are no voids.








Every thing is either growing or dying. Growing is hard and requires effort; dying is done by the laws of nature, and nature is making the effort, therefore it is easy and comfortable.

This can be seen in something as simple as a tree. Growing is a constant effort: first to break out of its seed, second, to break out of the ground, third, to defy gravity and to stand against wind and weather. It is not easy. Conditions for each phase have to be favorable. Even the seasons have an effect on its progress, hence the rings in the wood.

If the tree stops making effort, it will die. the lack of effort is a comfortable feeling, a sleep, non-existence. So, if one is comfortable, chances are, one is dying.




Nothing Known to man, including man himself can remain stagnant, all things are either growing or dying.




Change is not necessarily growth, death is also a change, so do not be deluded by change itself.



David Dickinson



The conscious struggle to over come the lower part of ourselves can generate the energy to attain or connect with the higher.


   David Dickinson


Everything must give to receive and receive to give, not according to their wants, but to the needs of a higher order.

So, what does God need?

                                                                        David Dickinson


If as in physics , energy only flows (freely) from higher to lower , where does the higher get its energy ?


Perhaps it is ourselves who do this . Perhaps that is why we exist , to turn the lower negative energy into higher positive energy .


If energy only flows  from the higher to the lower , than God is the source of all energy , and when it gets down to our level it is up to us through conscious efforts to raise the quality of energy to a level God can use.


                                                                      David Dickinson

It is strange to me how some people use the word ‘reality’. The vast majority of people have no clue and actually don’t care, they rely on their five senses and let it go at that.


The five senses were designed to assist us in the physical world and they do a fine job of that. But, who says there is anything real about the physical world. It is only real in a certain context. In a different context it does not exist and neither do we.

I refer you to ‘Scientific American’, August 2003, cover story by Jacob D. Bekenstein , “Are You A Hologram?”  Quantum physics says the entire universe might be.


This is just the tip of the iceberg as to the information now available, and more is happening everyday in the best scientific studies.


The point being people do not want to think about stuff like this, ignorance is bliss, and that is alright, every one must evolve at their own rate.


                                                                      David Dickinson


Thoughts and realities walk hand in hand, if it is someone’s thought, it is someone else’s reality. If it is someone’s reality, it is someone else’s thought.


                                                                   David Dickinson


Nothing can exist except in relation to something else, except God.


                                 David Dickinson


Humility is death for the ego, death of the ego is the birth of the real you.


                            David Dickinson



To be ‘born again’, as the term used in some Christian systems, means to give up all attitudes and all products of attitudes (like expectations) and become as devoid of these as a new born baby. When one gives up all attitudes one is totally dependent on God, as a baby is dependent on its parents.


The process of casting off old attitudes is not easy as they belong to the ego, and the ego does not wish to die.

                                                       David Dickinson


I attended a funeral of a friend the other day, and the memorial card that was given out had the 23 rd Psalm inside the cover.

My mind locked on to the second statement, “I shall not want”.


In the context of this Psalm it is saying that there is no need to want for anything, that everything you need will be provided.

The key word here is ‘need’, not what we think of today as “want, (as in I want a Cadillac).


God knows our needs for our spiritual development much better than we do. He does not confuse our needs with the wants of our egos.


Acceptance is the answer.

                                                                David Dickinson


Only a man’s ego has the audacity to imagine it is in control.


                               David Dickinson



When I hear the phrase “Fear the Lord thy God”, it saddens me. God Is Love.

It should say, “Fear the lack of God in your life”.


                                 David Dickinson


It seems as if everything man does is for self indulgence.

If he works it is because of what he wants, even if he does not care for the work itself.

The reason he does it anyway, self indulgence.

If he is at play, it is because he wants to, self indulgence.

Even if he is a slave, he is co-operating in order to keep from being beaten or killed, even this is a form of self indulgence.

If one studies physical or spiritual things it is because one wants to for self indulgence reasons.

If one wished to give up self indulgence, it would be for self indulgence reasons.

So, studying indulgence goes nowhere at all, we are left with the self part of self indulgence, which is imagination since the self does not exist except in imagination.


This is where the work is.

                                                                                     David Dickinson


Spiritual conversion = conversion of energy from lower to higher.

Physical conversion = conversion of energy from higher to lower


                                                                       David Dickinson



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