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All Paths Lead To God
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Love Is The Door 

Love , unconditional love , is the monopole science seeks.


                                       David Dickinson


To love means to become one with the object of your love.


                                       David Dickinson



Unconditional love can not be untill unconditional forgiveness is acheived.

We must learn to forgive ourselves.

We finally learn there is really nothing to forgive.


                                    David Dickinson



The main point of the movie "The Passion Of Christ" , was Jesus's UNconditional love.

This is our goal,our focal point, our light at the end of our perception.


                                     David Dickinson


Love is to the spiritual world as the sun is to the physical world, yet more important to the physical world than the sun is.


The physical world only exist as an aspect of God , God is love.


Love shines from one as the rays shine from the sun , the sun does not aim it's rays.




  David Dickinson



If you give of yourself out of love, then you will be loved. If you give of yourself in order to be loved, then you will be used.

                                       David Dickinson



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